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Personal static frontpage

This is what I use to build my static personal frontpage accessible from the clearnet and from the tor network.

I use Jinja2 templates for the HTML content and Sass for the styling. GNU make is used to automate the build.

The result are simple static HTML files with embedded CSS.

I build two separate versions: one for the clearnet and another for the tor network. The only difference between both versions is the domain name used in the links.


My site is simple enough that using a proper static site generator would have been overkill, but I still wanted something easier to maintain than directly writing HTML by hand. So a templating system like Jinja2 is a nice compromise.

Build dependencies

There's a zero chance than anyone other than me would want to build this, and I'm already keeping track of that using a Nix Flake. But still:

  • GNU Make: used to automate the build
  • GNU findutils: my Makefile uses find and makes use of some of its GNU extensions, so POSIX-compliant find wouldn't be enough
  • j2cli: to render the Jinja templates
  • sassc: to convert the Sass files into CSS
  • html-tidy: to validate and tidy up the resulting HTML files a bit
  • rsync: to copy the result to my public web server